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Coding in Colour

Addressing BIPOC underrepresentation in tech through industry-relevant digital skills training.

Project Overview

Updated October 12, 2023

The Problem

Canada’s technology sector faces dual challenges of an increasing digital skills gap and lack of diversity. As the digital economy continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, demand for skilled workers, particularly in roles such as data analysts, AI technicians, web developers, and digital project managers, is outpacing supply. Simultaneously, certain demographic groups, including individuals from marginalized communities, women, Indigenous people, and those with disabilities, remain underrepresented in this burgeoning sector.

How We Are Solving It

This project will address systemic underrepresentation of BIPOC individuals in the tech industry by providing access to industry relevant digital skills training. Foundation for a Path Forward is collaborating with industry partners and community organizations to provide coding instruction, professional networking opportunities and hands-on projects to 200 individuals in B.C. and Alberta. Instruction will include industry-endorsed curriculum on practical AI integration, blockchain (Web 3.0) applications and other cutting-edge technologies to prepare participants for dynamic careers in the tech industry.

Participants will have access to an additional 1,000 hours of self-paced learning resources to support ongoing skill development and certifications to explore other areas of interest or new tech sectors.

Project Lead

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Project Partners

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