Continuous Connected Patient Care

Enabling continuous vital sign and medication adherence monitoring of adult patients transitioning from in-hospital to at-home care.

Project Overview

The Problem

Patients who have been hospitalized for significant health issues often remain in the system for basic supervision and monitoring while they heal. 

General ward care can cost up to $2,000 per patient, per day. Stable patients that could be monitored with at-home care take up resources such as hospital beds, equipment, and healthcare workers’ time, limiting system capacity for incoming acutely ill patients.

How We Are Solving It

The Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) platform project, led by Medtronic, in partnership with St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care, Simon Fraser University, 3D Bridge Solutions Inc., Excelar Technologies, Cloud DX and FluidAI proposes a solution to this problem. The CCPC platform is a medical-grade digital monitoring solution, which allows patients to receive care safely in their own homes after discharge. It is intended to support safe and effective patient recovery with the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and home monitoring technology. This digital platform solution integrates with existing medical monitors and software systems for a seamless transition and continuous care, from the hospital to patients’ homes.

Wireless sensors, in combination with a digital platform and dashboard, provide a flexible way for clinicians to monitor patient vitals, such as pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and weight, as well as medication adherence. Patient health data is securely and seamlessly transmitted to the hospital network, where the clinician can receive relevant patient data from anywhere in the hospital. This continuous remote monitoring solution also enables clinicians to anticipate and identify potential harmful events in real-time and improve patient outcomes.

Use of the Continuous Connected Patient Care platform will initially focus on adults with congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), especially in internal medicine and geriatrics. With the collaboration of patients, families, clinicians and industry partners, a strong testing and evaluation plan will demonstrate the applicability and efficacy of the Continuous Connected Patient Care platform.

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