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Customer-Facing Tech Roles: The Missing Piece

Addressing the gap in customer-facing talent in the Canadian Atlantic’s digital sector.

Project Overview

Updated October 23, 2023

The Problem

Not all careers in tech are technical. While the focus on technical skill development across all parts of our economy has grown, there remains a gap in the digital talent market for customer success, account management and sales skills. These roles demand a unique approach to combine technical knowledge with non-technical skills used to communicate with key stakeholders.

How We Are Solving It

Digital Nova Scotia, in partnership with Uvaro, will lead a short-cycle 12-week training for 100 participants to directly address the gap in customer-facing talent in the Canadian Atlantic’s digital sector. The project will support increasing information and communications technology (ICT) industry labour market demands by supplying the sector with new, diverse talent. The program will emphasize participation from equity-deserving groups to advance EDI within the tech sector across Atlantic Canada. 70% of each cohort will be dedicated to equity-deserving and underrepresented groups including new Canadians, women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples and racialized minorities.  

Program graduates will be connected to employers looking to fill customer-facing roles via Digital Nova Scotia’s network of over 280 employers and extensive Canada-wide network, in addition to Uvaro’s 100 employer partners. Participants will also receive a one-year free Uvaro membership for extended access to additional programming and their network. The program’s approach will support employers in finding talent with both technical and soft skills, while securing employment for those looking to enter the tech sector. 

Project Lead

Project Partners

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