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Data Driven Surgical Mining

Using AI and ML to target narrow vein mineral deposits while reducing mining waste, emissions & costs.

Project Overview

Updated March 3, 2024

The Problem

Demand for metals and critical minerals as building blocks for green and digital technology solutions in the global transition towards a lower carbon future continues to grow.

Mining companies around the world face enormous pressure to deliver, but contend with growing challenges of decreasing ore grades, fewer deposit discoveries and keeping pace with increasingly complex regulation. As a source for some of the world’s most significant deposits of critical minerals, Canada has a generational opportunity to support global supply chains, lead development of climate solutions and grow the Canadian economy through sustainable metal and mineral extraction.

Narrow vein deposits containing these desirable metals and minerals have a potential $6 trillion in global value. These narrow veins are often located on the periphery of existing mines, at the bottom of pits or below existing underground workings. Unlocking their value has been historically unreachable due to the complex requirements and high cost of conventional mining methods.

How We Are Solving It

Novamera’s data-driven, real-time ‘Surgical Mining’ suite of technologies will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to allow mining companies to extract additional mineral deposits on existing and currently unmined projects, supporting increased production while reducing waste by up to 95%, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 44% and at a fraction of traditional costs. Their combination of hardware and software solutions generates real-time digital twin models of deposits; prescribes a course for surgical, low-impact extraction; and informs how and where to drill with real-time adjustments while using conventional drilling equipment.

In collaboration with Great Atlantic Resources, Maritime Resources, and the Memorial University of Newfoundland, this project will demonstrate the application of Novamera’s technology with facility testing and on-site in Newfoundland towards the following objectives:

  • Illustrate Novamera’s impact towards enabling better accuracy and measurement of mineral deposits through Surgical Mining solutions.
  • Quantify the reduced environmental impact of surgical mining relative to open pit methods, as measured through reduced GHG emissions, water usage, footprint area, noise and dust levels.

Achieving these objectives will help unlock the over $6 trillion in global value for narrow vein deposits of metals and critical minerals the world needs, while positioning Canadian innovation at the forefront of the global race for green technology solutions.

Project Lead

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Project Partners

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  • Maritime resources
  • memorial university