Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing

Working with K-12 and Indigenous education leaders to ensure that young people are aware of the career opportunities in quantum computing.

Project Overview

Updated March 31, 2023

The Problem

The field of quantum computing is exploding with the power to solve many challenging problems that standard computers are unable to tackle.

The demand for skilled talent in this emerging field is at an all-time high and Canada needs to step up or risk being left behind.

How We Are Solving It

With British Columbia emerging as a leader in quantum computing, the 24-month Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing project works to ensure that young people are aware of the career opportunities presented by this revolutionary technology.

Led by the University of British Columbia, along with D-Wave and UBC Geering Up Engineering Outreach, the project delivers ready-to-use education kits and curriculum targeting K-12 students, workshops, summer camps and public forums, including specialized programming for girls and Indigenous students. The project also provides teacher training through an online quantum computing resource hub and will include the Quantum Bits podcast, featuring conversations with international academics and industry experts.

The computing kits and curriculum tools include software that connects to the D-Wave quantum processor, a teacher’s guide on quantum computing and its applications, as well as a basic handbook to enable students to create their own software experiments. All materials use evidence-based best practices, with content designed for a diverse audience. With Indigenous people underrepresented in STEM careers, the project team also works with Indigenous education leaders to deliver proactive community-based outreach.

The Result

As of December 2022, the Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing project has delivered high school workshops/events to over 2,500 students, conducted professional development workshops to over 150 teachers and engaged 10 Indigenous communities.

Project Lead

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