Health Compass II

Transforming healthcare innovation with AI-driven solutions.

Project Overview

Updated July 10, 2024.

The Problem

Healthcare is in the midst of a digital transformation, accelerated by technologies like Large Language Models (LLM) and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI). However, the integration of these technologies has been slow due to data privacy concerns, potential workflow disruptions, and patient engagement challenges. There is an urgent, unmet need for well-designed, efficient, and effective AI solutions that not only automate tasks but also engage patients in their healthcare journey.

How We Are Solving It

Led by ORX in collaboration with Phelix, Tali, HEALWELL AI, Simon Fraser University (SFU) and WELL Health Technologies (WELL), the Health Compass II project will seek to revolutionize the EMR interface, interoperability and functionality for greater effectiveness of care delivery.

Building on the initial Health Compass project, the Health Compass II project aims to revolutionize healthcare management by offering an easy-to-implement, integrated AI-driven platform for clinics and healthcare providers in both Canada and the United States. Health Compass II will develop a suite of four AI modules integrated through an EMR-agnostic mobile app specifically designed to engage patients, automate administrative tasks, assist healthcare providers with documentation, and enhance clinical decision-making.

  • Patient Compass by ORX: A user-friendly patient-facing virtual agent module that improves patient engagement by 30% by enabling patients to find, get and advance care with providers.
  • SMART Inbox by Phelix: A back-of-house automation module that leverages AI algorithms to streamline administrative tasks and reduce manual administrative efforts for healthcare providers by 50% or more.
  • AI Voice Assistant by Tali: A voice command and scribe module that employs ambient sensing technology to capture medically relevant information from natural conversations without taking provider focus away from their patient.
  • Decision Compass by HEALWELL AI: A clinical decision support module to identify opportunities for earlier diagnosis and/or improved care for rare and complex diseases.

The combination of all four Health Compass II partner AI modules into WELL’s Provider Compass will result in the automation of all non-billable patient interactions and outputs of the patient visit (patient referral letters, prescriptions, etc.); scribe the entirety of the provider-patient visit; and provide clinical suggestions based on the patient’s medical record. Ultimately, enabling a reality for clinics and clinicians to focus more on patient care by automating the majority of day-to-day administrative tasks without having to turn on their computer.

Health Compass’s investment in EMR interoperability is a major step towards realizing a healthcare experience powered by data, where healthcare providers are empowered towards supporting enhanced patient experiences and outcomes across North America.

Project Lead

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