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Indigenous Digital Health Ecosystem (IDHE)

A culturally aligned ecosystem of integrated point of service tools for Indigenous data management

Project Overview

The Problem

First Nation communities in Canada are undergoing a period of renewal and rebuilding that promises to overcome many of the health and social burdens they have endured due to a complex history of colonization, injustice, and policy failure. Recent Canadian policy and legislative changes have made real progress towards supporting self-governance in many respects. First Nations manage their core services such as health, child welfare, social services, housing, education, lands, resources, finances, status registry, taxation, etc.; However, no digital system exists to assist Nations to manage data in a cohesive, integrated way, nor in a way that reflects the broader understanding of wellness held by First Nations.

How We Are Solving It

The Indigenous Digital Health Ecosystem (IDHE) Project will develop a new culturally aligned digital platform and suite of integrated applications, leveraging Consortium Members’ technologies and expertise to create highly differentiated applications that better meet the unique needs of First Nation communities. The IDHE will support a Nation-based approach to data management and business intelligence, while also enabling better integration capability with external systems. The managed ecosystem will also provide a pathway, or marketplace, for the delivery and integration of other third-party applications for interested First Nations.

The new platform and suite of integrated applications will support self-governance and service delivery by automating processes for First Nations, Indigenous and government organizations that manage healthcare, child and family services, housing, education, social development, and other related service domains.  It will fill the desired gap for an Indigenous-led solution ecosystem that reflects unique frameworks, service models, and business requirements of First Nations. Importantly, the IDHE platform will be anchored in key principles of data sovereignty such as OCAP™, as well as building on Mustimuhw Information Solutions’ (MIS) demonstrated leadership in the advancement of privacy and security capacity and conformance for Indigenous organizations and solutions.

Project Lead

  • Mustimuhw Information Solutions

Project Partners

  • cambian e1633458847716
  • CanadaHealthInfoWay
  • ChiefRedBear
  • Cowichan Tribe
  • FNHS Manitoba
  • FirstNationsDigitalHealthOntario
  • lifelabs@2x e1633460608685
  • SE Health
  • Trinity Western University
  • cgi

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