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Intercultural Digital Hospitality Skills Accelerator Project

Upskilling hospitality workers, diversifying the workforce and increasing business competitiveness.

Project Overview

Updated November 21, 2023

The Problem

British Columbia’s hospitality industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving with a growing demand for workers with digital skills post the COVID-19 pandemic. Upskilling existing hospitality workers, as well as addressing the need to diversify the industry’s workforce, is critical to its ongoing competitiveness. 

How We Are Solving It

This project will pilot the provision of foundational and functional digital skills training to 120 under-represented and racialized individuals seeking employment opportunities or transitioning to employment in the digital hospitality industry. Participants in B.C.’s Metro Vancouver/Coast, Fraser Valley, Thompson-Okanagan and Vancouver Island regions will obtain skills through intercultural digital hospitality training followed by supported work experiences.  

The project will seek to address workforce challenges in the hospitality industry while improving digital skills of workers, diversifying the workforce and increasing business competitiveness through the following areas of focus: 

  1. Fostering intercultural understanding by providing opportunities for workers from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other, share experiences and develop greater cultural awareness. 
  2. Upskill workers in digital technologies and tools to increase employability and support career growth. 
  3. Support diversity in the industry and employment of underrepresented groups, specifically immigrants, women, Indigenous peoples and visible minorities. 
  4. Enhance business competitiveness by improving digital capabilities and competencies in digital marketing, e-commerce and customer relationship management. 
  5. Create a self-sustaining ecosystem that can continue to support the development of digital skills in the hospitality industry.

Project Lead

  • Surrey board

Project Partners

  • western community college
  • PICS
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