LifeSaver Feasibility Assessment

Predicting emerging pandemics.

Project Overview

Updated March 31, 2023.

The Problem

We are currently living through a pandemic.

Data alone is insufficient to make decisions on actions to take in an emergency. First-responders, policy makers and the general public need better tools to plan and make decisions in complex emergency and disaster situations, like COVID-19.  There is currently no publicly available source of predictive data suitable for rapidly changing crises such as the COVID19 pandemic.

How We Are Solving It

This platform permits rapid decision making to improve the deployment of critical resources. It can forecast a regional need before it develops, utilizing a dataset optimized for use in predictive modelling. It can pull and aggregate data from public sources, health authorities, medical institutions & self- as well as ancillary data such as travel conditions and weather.

The Result

The results of this feasibility study led to follow-on investment through the LifeSaver project.

This project aimed to fill information gaps by consolidating and harmonizing vast arrays of data to synthesize and display relevant, meaningful information for businesses and the general public. The project has created a ready-to-use application, called CovidPilot, that provides clear geospatial visualization of the COVID-19 exposure risk that is relevant, predictive and easily understandable for a wide range of users.

Project Lead

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Project Partners

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