Project ABC

Authorization, booking and coordination of widespread testing and immunizations.

Project Overview

Updated March 31, 2023.

The Problem

Ensuring efficient and effective testing during a pandemic requires the integration and automation of complex assessment, scheduling and planning tools. The current tools are labour intensive and insufficient to cope with the volume of tests required during a pandemic. As well, the process to coordinate the prioritization and action plan for vaccinations is not as efficient as it could be.

How We Are Solving It

Project ABC aims to remove bottlenecks with a solution that automates the authorization, booking and coordination of widespread testing and immunizations.

The project is led by Cambian in partnership with LifeLabs, IBM Canada, WELL Health, Tickit Health, Providence Health Care and Simon Fraser University.

This project integrates several operational systems to enable flexible and more seamless booking across a number of autonomously managed systems. The information from the bookings is automatically used to forecast demand and make sure venues have the required tests and vaccines on hand.

This project team plans to pilot the solution with a regional health authority in B.C., including testing with hospitals and vulnerable populations in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

In the final phase, the team aims to introduce Project ABC in other provinces.


The Result

This project addressed legacy, paper-based manual clinical workflows by introducing new digital technologies to streamline and automate processes for registration; booking; service delivery of tests and vaccines; and accurate and efficient recording of vaccination information. The suite of tools includes citizen self- scheduling, priority sequencing, and demand forecasting, enabling mass testing and immunization campaigns for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, in a more efficient, secure, and accurate way.

Project Lead

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Project Partners

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