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Supporting Local Storytellers in Haida Gwaii

Providing support to aspiring digital media artists in the development of film.

Project Overview

The Problem

Haida Gwaii, an archipelago located off the northern Pacific coast of Canada, is home to the ancestral territory of the Haida Nation. Due to limited physical resources and opportunities for capacity building, Haida Gwaii’s stories of world-renowned scenery and prominent Indigenous culture are often captured by community outsiders. 

How We Are Solving It

Haida Gwaii Media Collective’s film incubator program will provide aspiring digital media artists on Haida Gwaii with support and mentorship in the development of a film project. 12 program participants will be selected to receive funding and mentorship from industry professionals over the course of 4 months, from story inception to marketing and distribution of their project. Local artists – particularly Indigenous women and members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community – will build valuable industry skills, understanding of the entire film-making process and connect with work opportunities in the media industry on and beyond Haida Gwaii. 

Program curriculum will include Pre-production (budgeting, storyboarding, documentary fundamentals), Production (directing, filming, technical skills, lighting, interview techniques), and Post-production (editing, audio engineering, marketing and distribution). Further, the curriculum is guided by a self-determined and culturally-rooted approach to Haida principles of reciprocity, respect, consent, and interconnectedness.

Project Lead

Project Partners

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