Thanks For Your Continued Support and Confidence, Canada: Here is What You Can Expect to See Next

A note from Sue Paish, CEO of Digital

A few weeks ago, we shared our pride and excitement when the Government of Canada’s Budget 2022 unveiled a further $750 million investment into the newly named “Global Innovation Clusters”. We are grateful to the Government of Canada for recognizing the Clusters as an integral piece to accelerating Canada’s prosperity now and for generations to come. We are incredibly proud of our Members and their growing success in producing world-class solutions that secure a healthier, greener, more skilled and productive Canada. Most importantly, we are thankful to Canadians for embracing the onslaught of changes that the digital world brings – both to your jobs and your everyday lives. 

So what’s next?

Among the congratulatory messages and brimming excitement from our Members and our broader innovation community about the budget announcement, the most common question asked of Digital is an obvious one: “So what’s next?”

At Digital, we are here to build a future where Canadian organizations are global industry leaders and where Canadians benefit from the prosperity and growth that comes from creating products and services that are meaningful across the country and around the world.

First and foremost, we are committed to making sure that the programs and projects that are underway continue to advance and deliver the outcomes and impacts that we see and feel and know are on the horizon. At the same time, we are working closely with our colleagues in Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and across the Global Innovation Clusters group to create the path forward for allocation relative to the $750 million in Budget 2022. This conversation has already started with the five Clusters and will accelerate in early May. By fall, we will be on a path for decisions related to allocation in early 2023.

As co-investment from the Government of Canada and our growing base of 1100+ Members increases in 2022-23 and beyond, we will continue to mobilize break-through technology advancements and talent initiatives to:

  • Build a productive, net-zero Canada by digitally transforming our natural resource and agri-food industries while ensuring our scaleups and anchor companies remain globally competitive – in a responsible, green and sustainable way.
  • Build a healthier Canada by improving healthcare outcomes, building sustainable healthcare systems and making healthcare accessible to all.
  • Build a highly skilled and connected Canada by supporting leadership programs, community-led capacity initiatives and unobstructed pathways to digital jobs. This includes working with remote and rural communities and Indigenous partners to establish digital connectivity, transform to clean energy and cultivate digital leaders within their communities.

Digital is primed to transform the Canadian economy at speed and scale. We are ready to tackle complex industry and societal challenges to build a productive net-zero economy, overcome supply chain disruptions, improve health outcomes and build an unstoppable Canadian workforce that has all the tools, diversity and skilling it needs to lead the world. We are proud to be cultivating Canada’s path to prosperity, and believe that together, we will continue to create powerful and sustainable impacts that are meaningful for the next year, five years, fifty years and beyond.