Wisebox Solutions – Where are they now?

Led by Wisebox Solutions in partnership with DIGITAL, the DirectFood.store project directly addressed supply chain challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative resulted in the creation of a digital marketplace designed to empower the local food supply chain, support small businesses and encourage Canadians to “shop local”. The marketplace connects suppliers and consumers, providing access to traceable, additive-free food. Powered by a many-to-many delivery model, it promotes supply chain transparency and eliminates the need for warehouses by directly sourcing orders from farms and vendors. Initially launched in B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, it now serves 56 local producers with pickups as far east as Chilliwack.
Building on this success, Wisebox swiftly pivoted to meet the needs of other small business owners, collaborating with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce to launch Chamber Market. This digital marketplace works with chambers of commerce in Alberta and Manitoba, offering an avenue for small local businesses to establish a digital presence. Modelled after DirectFood.store, Chamber Market enables these local organizations to thrive in the online shopping era and recover from pandemic setbacks. It has been introduced in 46 communities with support provided by each local Chamber of Commerce entities across provinces and U.S. states. In recognition of their impactful work, Wisebox received a nomination for the Community Impact Award by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade in July 2023.
Wisebox remains committed to innovation in the digital marketplace arena with new projects like the “Hire by Referral” network, supporting local businesses in talent retention through improved hiring processes. Additionally, their Supply Chain Publishing Network promises to make it simpler for systems to interoperate and discover new opportunities in matching supply and demand.