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Ahead of the Curve for B.C.’s Natural Resources Sector Starts Here


DIGITAL is growing B.C. and Canadian companies and deploying world-leading digital solutions to some of industry and society’s biggest challenges. Together with our Member companies, we are advancing B.C.’s natural resource agenda while also accelerating the growth, sustainability and success of B.C. businesses. 

Since our start in 2018, DIGITAL and its partners have collectively invested more than $60 million in our natural resources portfolio.

These investments focus on the development and deployment of made-in-B.C. digital technologies that are bringing innovation and resiliency to our Province’s natural resources sector and beyond. 


Our Natural Resources Portfolio Impact

DIGITAL Co-Investment
Partner Co-Investment
Direct Jobs
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Earth X-ray for Low-Impact Mining

Accelerating the global transition to low-impact mining with the world’s first Earth x-ray discovery platform, powered by supernova explosions in space.

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Connectivity Network

Forest Machine Connectivity

Improving efficiency in the timber harvesting supply chain by collecting and analyzing industrial supply chain data.

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MMAP Project Image

Mining Microbiome Analytics Platform

Creating break-through biomining solutions for natural resource extraction and green site remediation.

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Earth Data Store

Protecting aquatic ecosystems, predicting environmental disasters and monitoring agricultural conditions through geospatial and earth observation data platforms.

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IDHE Project Image

Indigenous Digital Health Ecosystem (IDHE)

A culturally aligned ecosystem of integrated point of service tools for Indigenous data management to support fire response, resource management and more.

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Standard Data Platform for Autonomous Agriculture

Improving farming efficiency, reducing emissions and supporting farmers through the world’s first interactive planning software for precision and autonomous agriculture.

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Driving Canada’s growth and prosperity through global leadership in digital innovation. We bring together businesses, academia, community and government agencies to solve some of industry and society’s biggest challenges – better and faster than any single organization can do on its own. Together, we are advancing towards a net zero society, building a healthier Canada and creating the digitally skilled workforce Canada needs to win in the digital world.