COVID-19 Program

The COVID-19 Program is focused on unlocking solutions to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and our economy through the development, deployment, and scaling of digital technologies.

Effective July 1st, we will no longer be accepting new ideas for our COVID-19 Program.

Since our COVID-19 Program launched in March, we received over 600 exceptional ideas. Given the strength of these submissions, we anticipate that the $60 million available for co-investment through our COVID-19 Program will soon be fully committed.

Thank you to the hundreds of organizations that submitted ideas. Your interest, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas will keep Canadians safe now and in the future and contribute to Canada’s economic recovery.

Although our intake process has closed for this Program, your project idea may be eligible for other sources of investment and future calls for proposals. We look forward to sharing this information with you soon.

In the meantime, you can find more information about our COVID program here and check out some key funding opportunities by accessing the COVID-19 Resource Page.  Questions? Please contact

AI-based Prediction Tool for COVID-19 Patient Care

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and the number of Canadians contracting the virus grows, clinicians need to anticipate demands on the healthcare system. This project is pooling data using a new AI-based decision-making tool to better manage hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients and improve patient outcomes.
Lead: 16 Bit

Clothing to Remotely Connect to Care

As virtual healthcare continues to grow in popularity, the accurate capture of critical data such as temperature, heart and lung health, breathing and movement will be essential for health care professionals to make more informed clinical decisions and deliver better care. This project aims to support virtual healthcare by applying remote wearable technologies to gather vital biometric data.
Lead: Myant

Confidential Virtual Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Workers

The added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the ongoing opioid crisis has put healthcare workers at an increased risk for substance use and abuse. This project delivers a confidential online virtual care addiction treatment program for healthcare workers powered by AI.


As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, there remains an urgent need to understand the DNA footprint of this virus and its new variants. The COVID Cloud platform enables the sharing of real-time genomics, clinical, epidemiological, and other data on COVID-19, allowing scientists and decision-makers to make better-informed decisions.
Lead: DNAstack

Digital Mental Health Tools for Healthcare Workers Providing COVID-19 Care

Healthcare workers often suffer from more stress, anxiety, trauma and depression than other occupations—an issue that has been exacerbated with the onset of COVID-19. This project aims to leverage a suite of best-practice digital mental health tools for healthcare workers.
Lead: Starling Minds

Digital Telework for Remote Physical Work

Physical interactions in labour-intensive environments, such as healthcare, contribute to the spread of COVID-19 amongst healthcare workers and vulnerable populations. This project aims to use robots in long-term care and clinic settings to improve patient care, patient outcomes, and the work environment for healthcare teams.
Lead: Sanctuary AI, Securing the Food Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed some of the weaknesses of Canada’s food supply chain. This project aims to transform (shorten) the food supply chain for a more transparent and traceable experience for Canadian producers, restaurants, and consumers by creating a direct-to-consumer digital marketplace.
Lead: Wisebox Solutions

Early Detection of COVID-19 through Artificial Intelligence

Early detection and mitigation of COVID-19 are critical to flattening the curve and minimizing future outbreaks. This project applies computer vision and machine learning technologies to develop an AI-powered monitoring system to screen for elevated temperatures, social distancing violations, and face-covering compliance to protect the health and safety of Canadians.
Lead: Patriot One Technologies

Emergency Food Distribution Network

In Canada, 58% of food produced is either lost or wasted. This project seeks to improve and expand the FoodMesh platform to serve as an Emergency Food Distribution Network, enhance the food supply chain's efficiency, reduce waste, and better connect farmers, suppliers, buyers, and charities. 
Lead: Mesh Exchange

Global Clinical Network for Infectious Diseases

Millions of citizens worldwide continue to battle the COVID-19 virus, with hundreds of thousands of new cases reported daily. This project aims to create the first global platform that empowers healthcare organizations to collaborate and improve the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases globally.
Lead: Spectrum Mobile Health


As the economy re-opens, companies will have to abide by public health guidelines to ensure their employees are safe.  This project will develop a comprehensive solution for building access control and workforce management using specialized facial recognition software to offer rapid, touch-less, and hygienic thermal screening, mask detection, and vital signs monitoring for employees and visitors.
Lead: Invixium

Improving ICU Capacity During COVID-19 Outbreaks

Pandemics like COVID-19 significantly increase the risk of ICU overcrowding given the surge in patients. This project will develop software that predicts patients’ risk of ICU admission and the expected length of ICU stay based on patients’ medical imaging. The software will enable hospitals to better manage and predict ICU capacity leading to better care and patient outcomes. 
Lead: Altis Labs

Leveraging AI in Canada’s Social Response to COVID

Despite the $280 billion spent on the Canadian social services sector every year, more data is needed to follow changes in demand and service provision. This project’s AI platform provides real-time data and insights to predict community and social support needs before they become crises for evidenced-based decision making.
Lead: Helpseeker

Lifesaver II

Given the size and diversity of Canada, a one-size-fits-all COVID-19 solution does not make sense for the entire country. In response, this project aims to fill information gaps by consolidating and harmonizing vast arrays of data to synthesize and display relevant, meaningful information for businesses and the general public.
Lead: Unity Technologies

Looking Glass: Protecting Canadians in a Return to Community

A clear, evidence-based understanding of the impact of decisions made to protect the health of Canadians is needed to inform sound policymaking at all times but especially during a pandemic. This project is developing a scenario-driven decision support platform based on robust modelling to better inform public policy and practice for government and industry.
Lead: Kings Distributed Systems

Mobile Wellness Declaration

In preparing for the return to work and society, employees and residents in high-density buildings are vulnerable to contracting viruses such as COVID-19.  This project is developing a digital COVID-19 screening tool, incorporating a wellness declaration and temperature scanner integrated into existing keycard access systems.
Lead: BioConnect

Point-of-Care Ultrasound for COVID-19

Rapid, accurate diagnosis of potential COVID-19 patients is critical for patient care and better understanding community infection and spread. This project is an augmentation of the Intelligent Network Point-of-Care Ultrasound project. It aims to use a handheld ultrasound device powered by artificial intelligence to provide a real-time diagnosis of patients with pneumonia, potentially caused by COVID-19. 
Lead: Providence Health

Project ABC

To manage the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations need to implement broad-based testing and vaccination campaigns at a scale and pace never before undertaken. This project introduces new digital technologies that automate processes for registration, booking, and service delivery of tests and vaccines. 
Lead: Cambian Business Services

Project ACTT - Access to Cancer Testing & Treatment in Response to COVID-19

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the delay or postponement of at least 100,000 surgeries in Canada. This project aims to speed up testing during the pandemic through a minimally invasive DNA test available for cancer patients – an alternative to surgical tissue biopsies.
Lead: Canexia Health

Protecting Canadians by Predicting the Evolution of COVID-19

As new strains of COVID-19 evolve, the ability to predict virus variations before they emerge will be essential to stopping future pandemics. This project uses AI, computer modelling, and structural biology to forecast changes to the virus so we can pre-design tests, therapies and vaccines to manage future outbreaks.
Lead: Terramera

Providing Safe and Effective Home Care During COVID-19

Home care patients and their caregivers are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 in the next waves of the pandemic. To preventing the spread of COVID-19 within this vulnerable population, this project will use scheduling algorithms, employee and patient pre-screening, and real-time alert service to inform service providers about symptomatic employees or patients.
Lead: AlayaCare

Rapid Assessment of Disability Claims During and Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a substantial increase in life and disability claims. This project aims to monitor the eligibility of such claims for a more streamlined processing of claims and a reduction in the financial impact of malingered claims.
Lead: Owl Labs

Rapid Deployment of Emergency Case Management

Over 50% of Canadians face an increased risk of COVID-19 because of their age or an underlying health condition. This project aims to decrease the risk to patients by creating a digital platform that allows health care organizations, social services, and caregivers to connect and share information, care plans and conduct online assessments for COVID-19.
Lead: Careteam

Raven 2

Using artificial intelligence to rapidly establish links between drugs that have the potential to combat the effects of COVID-19 and fast-track life-saving treatment for patients.
Lead: Variational AI

Reduce Risk: Post-COVID Analytics Platform for Returning to Work

Employees are eager to return to work, yet there is no accurate method available to know if an individual is safe to return to work. This project will enable rapid-risk assessment by collecting data and creating models of the disease, allowing us to understand better how the body responds to COVID-19.
Lead: Molecular You

ReSTART: Post-COVID Surgeries and Medical Procedures

The backlog of elective surgeries and other medical procedures due to COVID-19 is estimated in the hundreds of thousands across Canada. This project aims to help tackle the backlog and prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 in the healthcare system through an end-to-end digital solution that can more effectively manage surgical services.
Lead: SeamlessMD

Scaling Safe Food Delivery for Canadians

The substantial increase in demand for online grocery orders amplified by the COVID-19 environment has made it difficult for grocers to keep up with demand and stay in business. This project is developing an end-to-end eGrocery Management solution to address the unprecedented demand for online sales and ensure food security for Canadians through better food supply chain management.
Lead: FoodX Technologies

Screen O/S

Up to 40% of  COVID-19  transmissions come from people with pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic disease. This project is developing a solution for instantly screening pathogens to provide reliable and anonymized risk reporting to leaders and regulators, as well as secure and private results directly to tested individuals.
Lead: EcoMine Technologies

Stronger Together: Social Infrastructure for Community Health

Hospitals, doctors, and community organizations need to support patients who can no longer take part in face-to-face outpatient and support programs due to COVID-19. This project will create a platform to deliver remote peer support, coaching from nurses and experts, evidence-based health literacy programs, and daily check-ins for both patients and families.
Lead: Curatio

Supporting Canada’s Elderly During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The elderly in Canada have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as the disease spread quickly inside long-term care homes. This project will develop a digital hub that controls a tamper-resistant e-dispenser, allowing the elderly to access their medications wherever they live. This tool will provide remote support from caregivers and medical professionals who can monitor their medication intake in real-time.
Lead: 3D Bridge Solutions

Telewound Care Canada

In Canada, 30-50% of all health care involves a wound, accounting for approximately 3% of the national health care spending. This project combines high resolution, calibrated images with intelligent lighting calibration along with AI and deep learning to enable early identification of patients at the highest risk of new or worsening wounds to support proactive care intervention.
Lead: Swift Medical

Virtual Pulse

The demand for nurses and other health providers in Canada is so acute that hospitals and healthcare facilities are re-training staff for new roles. This project is building a digital training platform for nurses that brings together an extended reality training tool that uses the web and virtual reality modules.
Lead: TTA Technology Training Associates


X-rays are a critical tool in identifying COVID19 patients. This project uses artificial intelligence to identify lung abnormalities on chest x-rays in real-time, enabling clinicians on the front line in emergency rooms and rural hospitals to identify COVID-19 and other lung-related illnesses better.
Lead: 1QBit

Some of the companies involved in our COVID-19 projects

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