Digital Technology Supercluster Completes $60 Million Investment in COVID-19 Program

Suite of ambitious projects develops Canadian made solutions to challenges  created by COVID-19 pandemic 

Vancouver, British Columbia [August 6, 2020] – The Digital Technology Supercluster (the “Supercluster”) announces the completion of its $60 million investment in the COVID-19 Program, launched in April to contribute to Canada’s Plan to Mobilize Industry to fight COVID-19. The sixteen projects announced today round out the Program which addresses the biggest challenges presented by COVID-19. Members are addressing the diagnosis and treatment of the virus, providing for Canadians’ mental and physical health, and supporting the safe reopening of our economy.

“As we restart our economy and prepare for the possibility of a second wave, we must balance the importance of ensuring that patients receive the care they need in new ways while finding innovative solutions to protect Canadians from exposure to the COVID-19 virus”, said Sue Paish, CEO of the Supercluster. “Our Members are developing and deploying digital solutions to challenges presented by COVID-19, while supporting the reopening of our economy and the return to economic stability and growth for Canadians. I’m proud of what this Program has been able to accomplish in just four short months.”

The recent group of projects tackle a myriad of challenges raised by COVID-19. 

In Canada, 30 to 50 per cent of all health care involves a wound. Our most vulnerable populations already have a higher need for ongoing wound care, and now they are at increased risk due to COVID-19, particularly if they are in isolation or quarantine. The Telewound Care Canada project, led by Swift Medical, will develop, deploy and scale a digital telewound solution that will enable patients who are isolated or in quarantine to access remote wound care experts and resources regardless of where they live. This solution delivers the care patients need, reduces pressure on the healthcare system and provides better health outcomes for vulnerable people.

Many Canadians living with physical or cognitive impairments are unable to access virtual and remote care made necessary by COVID-19, because these solutions are typically designed for the able-minded and able-bodied population. The Clothing to Remotely Connect to Care project, led by Myant, aims to support these populations with virtual and remote care by incorporating wearable technology into this virtual care system using clothing. Leveraging Myant’s cloud-based platform, doctors and other health professionals can assess real-time and historical biometric data obtained from textile-based sensors integrated into clothing that, in conjunction with the patient’s existing health information, allows them to make more informed clinical decisions.

These are just two of the projects announced today.

The previously announced projects in the COVID-19 Program are already producing results. For example, the Point-of-Care Ultrasound for COVID project, led by Providence Health Care with support from St. Paul’s Foundation has deployed 75 Clarius ultrasound scanners. The majority of these scanners have gone to rural and remote communities across B.C., expediting the diagnosis of chest-related infections and diseases for hundreds of patients.

“We’re proud to see the progress ‘Team Canada’ has made in flattening the curve, and it’s important that we remain diligent in preventing the spread of COVID-19,” said the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “The Supercluster’s contributions through their COVID-19 Program provides much needed solutions to the challenges we face today, while ensuring we continue to reduce the risk associated with re-opening our economies and communities.”

More information about these projects can be found here. Information about the COVID-19 Program can and its projects can be found here.

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About Digital Technology Supercluster:

The Digital Technology Supercluster solves some of industry’s and society’s biggest problems through Canadian-made technologies. We bring together private and public sector organizations of all sizes to address challenges facing Canada’s economic sectors including healthcare, natural resources, manufacturing, and transportation. Through this ‘collaborative innovation,’ the Supercluster helps to drive solutions better than any single organization could on its own.  The Digital Technology Supercluster is led by industry leaders such as D-Wave, LifeLabs, LlamaZOO, Lululemon, MDA, Microsoft, Mosaic Forest Management, Sanctuary AI, Teck Resources Limited, TELUS, Terramera, and 1Qbit. Together, we work to position Canada as a global hub for digital innovation. A full list of Members can be found here.

About the COVID-19 Program: The COVID-19 Program aims to improve the health and safety of Canadians and support Canada’s ability to address issues created by the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, the program will build expertise and capacity to anticipate and address issues that may arise in future health crises, from healthcare to a return to work and community. More information can be found here.