Mask Screening

Improving Worksite Health Screening, Security and Workforce Management


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The Digital Supercluster was able to help Invixium pivot quickly and take advantage of the business opportunity presented by the global pandemic. It provided a fast track to the funding and strategic technology partnerships the SME needed to successfully shift its business strategy from fingerprint biometrics to facial biometrics and automated  health  diagnostics in less than three months. 90-percent of Invixium’s revenues are now coming from the HEALTHYACCESS solution that is integrated into the building management systems of global companies such as Honeywell, Carrier Global and Gallagher.
HEALTHYACCESS has paved the path to creating a new category in the access industry, known as healthy access. There is no other product like this currently in the market. Nine new Canadian IP assets have been created through the project.
Next steps include making HEALTHYACCESS a mobile solution and migrating the software management platform to the Cloud. Invixium is currently exploring how HEALTHYACCESS can be further adapted to read various QR codes and make the management and tracking of large volumes of ticketed individuals found at airports, sports and entertainment venues safer and more efficient.
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