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Call for Proposals in Technology Leadership

Now accepting project concepts for Technology Leadership (Cycle 6) projects in health and natural resources.

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Driving towards a net-zero future and building a healthier Canada.

DIGITAL’s Technology Leadership Program provides continued support for the research and development of new and novel digital technology solutions. This Call for Proposals expands our support to include the early stages of commercialization and adoption to help Canadian tech companies strengthen their intellectual property and data management strategies, refine their commercial plans and product development roadmaps, and address adoption and procurement requirements in their target markets in and outside of Canada.

DIGITAL will co-invest $65M of funds from the federal Global Innovation Clusters program, alongside industry, that will result in more than $200M of new investment in innovative digital technology solutions. By co-investing in 10-15 bold and ambitious projects that address challenges facing the health and natural resources sectors globally, Canadian companies will create new technology solutions and services and scale-up by seizing new commercial opportunities and gaining market adoption within Canada and in international markets.

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We are seeking projects that support the resiliency and sustainability of health care systems and advance health care in ways that support healthy living, accessibility and delivering positive outcomes. Areas of Interest:

  1. Better access to health care: enable people to confidently manage their health and wellness at home in their communities, and improves access for citizens who are marginalized, live in remote and rural settings or, because of health or other conditions, have a difficult time accessing the care they need.  
  2. Improved outcomes: support patients, families and caregivers and clinicians, by using digital technologies to quickly deliver diagnostic results, adhere to high-quality standards of care, and facilitate the best treatment and care plans.   
  3. Achieving more sustainable healthcare systems: leverage digital solutions to reduce administrative burden, decrease costs and eliminate duplication, and improve data sharing and interoperability to facilitate integrated and coordinated patient-centered care – ensuring individuals receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. 
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Natural Resources

We are looking to co-invest in projects that advance environmental health, and strengthen the natural resources sector to succeed in a prosperous, low carbon economy. Areas of Interest:

  1. Sustainable, low impact mining: reduce the generation of waste and large tailings, identify and address environmental impacts, lower investment costs, and improve the identification, extraction and processing of critical minerals. 
  2. Regenerative agriculture supply chains: advance food security, improve yield and optimize logistics while promoting plant vigor, biological diversity, pest and disease control, and soil as an asset for the natural sequestration of carbon dioxide.  
  3. Resilient forestry: effectively manage and optimize forestry assets, supply chain operations, and the ecological health of forests, including its critical role in carbon sequestration. 

Proposed projects are to:

  • Aim to develop and commercialize novel technology solutions that address well-defined problems in the Areas of Interest described above.  
  • Have a minimum total cost of $20M and be completed before December 31, 2027.
  • Have a committed consortium that demonstrates high potential for scaling growth of Canadian companies (including SMEs), bringing a proven commercial track-record and a strong understanding of their target markets with a compelling commercial strategy and go-to-market plan.  
  • Drive the creation of new intellectual property that is owned by Canadian entities that have substantial operations in Canada.   
  • Meet the other eligibility requirements and have a high scoring against the Evaluation Criteria cited in the Program Guide below.  

Technology Leadership Program & Co-Investment Guidelines

We emphasize a collaborative approach to innovation where groups of complementary organizations work together to build strong and impactful solutions to big problems. As such, proposed projects are expected to have solid alignment with our Areas of Interest and the right mix of organizational capabilities to meet our program objectives of innovation, commercialization and benefits to Canada.  

After reviewing the above co-investment and program guidelines, you may submit your project concept through the link to the right. Only qualified applicants will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). 

Tell us about your project concept


Technology Leadership Information Webinar

DIGITAL held an information webinar to discuss aspects of our Call for Proposals in Technology Leadership. You can download the presentation deck discussed in this webinar for more information and reference.


Upon request, we are available to help potential applicants further understand the objectives of this call for proposals and the eligibility criteria for a proposed project. Please email our team at