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How We Work

Unlocking the potential of Canadians to lead and succeed in the digital world.

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We’re stepping up to solve industry and society’s toughest challenges.

The Digital Supercluster is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others develop, pilot, and scale digital technologies for the benefit of Canadians and Canadian enterprises. We do this by:

  • Mobilizing R&D industry investment 
  • Advancing world-class digital solutions, backed by Canadian IP assets
  • Growing digitally skilled technical and leadership talent

Our program strategy is focused on building a better Canada by growing Canadian businesses, creating a digitally skilled workforce and accelerating digital innovation and adoption that will positively impact lives across our country. Together with our members, we work to keep Canadians healthy, address climate change and drive economic productivity.

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We exist to make sure Canada is not left behind.

The Digital Technology Supercluster accelerates digital transformation by:

Fueling co-investment that drives Canada’s digital economy

Fueling co-investment that drives Canada’s digital economy

We pave the way for more ambitious R&D undertakings through an industry-led co-investment model that promotes risk sharing and lowers development costs.

Collaborating across industries because technology knows no boundaries

Collaborating across industries because technology knows no boundaries

Introducing a powerful consortium model that brings together the brightest minds and leaders from cross-sector organizations to ideate, conceptualize, develop and commercialize new digital products and solutions. We have built the strongest digital innovation ecosystem in Canada.

Accelerating R&D through industry-led initiatives that matter

Accelerating R&D through industry-led initiatives that matter

Our projects are sponsored by industry partners that are interested in working alongside innovators, academia and customers to deploy breakthrough digital technology and create Canadian-owned IP.

Our Program Strategy — Paving the way for real change.

We pursue projects that strengthen our economy, our sustainability and our reputation on the global stage. We focus on digital solutions for healthcare, natural resources and the digital transformation of industry. Our investments usually take the form of:

  • R&D projects through a competitive selection process
  • Industry-led digital innovation
  • Collaborative project consortiums
  • Matching co-investment alongside industry investments
  • Multi-year commitments based on duration of selected projects
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Our Unique Consortium Model — Accelerated innovation through radical collaboration and industry-led co-investment.

Taking an industry-led approach to innovation has resulted in a powerful collaboration model that is fueled by cross-industry relationships and strategic partnerships. We work together to solve big challenges, accelerate bold solutions and celebrate equity, diversity and inclusion.

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