Our Programs

Driving global leadership in digital technologies, fueling economic growth, and creating thousands of new jobs across Canada.

Capacity Building

Partnering with employers, educators and community organizations to build job ready, world leading talent.

Data Commons

Building new platforms to collect, store and analyze data for new insights.

Digital Twins

Creating virtual replicas of production environments for real-time operations management, simulation, modelling and training.

Precision Health

Improving the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of disease through innovative digital technologies for better health and wellness for citizens.

Innovating for the future

  • Our members are driving global leadership in digital technologies, fueling economic growth.


  • Our projects are creating thousands of new jobs and making game-changing improvements to health care, manufacturing, and the environment.


  • By bringing together big companies, small companies, academic researchers and government agencies, we are solving many of the biggest challenges facing industry and society today.

Our Projects

Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network

This AI-powered medical imaging network is working to ensure that Canadians with skincare
concerns, such as skin cancer, are able to see a doctor before their conditions become untreatable.

Earth Data Store

This platform for assessing the impact of increasingly frequent “extreme weather” is designed to
mitigate impacts on Canada’s resource sectors and the wellbeing of its citizens, while supporting
the growth of companies delivering products and services estimated to be worth $10 billion a year.

Forest Machine Connectivity

Using industrial Internet of Things technology to collect and analyze data, this project will improve
efficiency in the timber harvesting supply chain and bolster conservation efforts.

Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Processes

Using quantum computing to predict faults in advanced manufacturing processes, this project will
reduce the failure rate of aircraft components and allow operators to address problems before
components are manufactured.

Tailored Health – Pharmacogenetics

This integrated approach to prescribing medication aims to get the right drug to the right person at
the right time through simple cheek swabs. This has the potential to drastically reduce adverse
reactions that are estimated to claim as many as 22,000 lives per year in Canada.

The Learning Factory

By digitizing segments of aerospace production lines, this project is creating new digitally-driven
industrial tools that will improve efficiency, profitability and safety.

The Secure Health & Genomics Platform Program

This project will accelerate the ability of Canadian innovators, researchers and health providers to
create innovative, more accessible precision-health treatments for all Canadians.

Projects in development will...

INSPIRE our youth, particularly Indigenous students, to develop skills for future jobs in computing
and artificial intelligence.

HARNESS the skills and competencies of existing workers to help them adapt to the jobs of
 tomorrow, particularly in the natural resources sector.

COMBAT the ever-growing opioid crisis by reducing the use of dangerous drugs, including opioids,
among patients. 

IMPROVE city planning and emergency preparedness with just-in-time data and analytics.

HELP manufacturers produce superior products by adopting cutting-edge digital technologies.

SUPPORT sustainability through a better understanding of natural resources above and below the
Earth’s surface. 

CHAMPION our future leaders, particularly women, in Canada’s fastest-growing digital industries. 

Get Involved

There are two ways that your organization can join the Supercluster and start to get involved in collaborative projects designed to build world class digital technologies while growing our ecosystem and capacity as we become a world leader in the digital transformation of our economies and our society.