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Driving global leadership in digital technologies, fueling economic growth, and creating thousands of new jobs across Canada.

Athena Digital Leaders

AI use is growing rapidly across industries, and many organizations are looking for the skills and leadership to adopt and leverage these new technologies. This project will create two responsive and flexible training programs to seed diversity in AI talent.
Lead: AIinBC

Athena Pathways

Athena Pathways is helping more Canadian women see the potential of the tech sector, and how a career in Artificial Intelligence aligns with their skills and interests.
Lead: AInBC


The Competency Assessment Mapping Platform for Industry Responsive Education project helps mid-career workers learn skills needed for the digital economy.
Lead: BCIT

Canadian Tech Talent Accelerator

Supporting Canada’s economic recovery by providing tech skills to unemployed and underemployed youth from communities underrepresented in the digital economy.
Lead: NPower Canada

Design for Startups

Design for Startups will bridge the gap between technology and design communities by connecting designers with tech startups through intensive 12-week design problem sessions.
Lead: Emily Carr University

Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing

With British Columbia emerging as a leader in quantum computing, this project will work with Indigenous education leaders to ensure that young people are aware of the career opportunities presented by this revolutionary technology.
Lead: UBC

Future Capital

Future Capital provides investment education that enables women to lead and shape the future of the economy.
Lead: Future Capital


Focusing on educators and connecting with Indigenous youth to tackle the tech talent shortage.
Lead: BC Tech Association

W Venture

Women’s Entrepreneurship Program builds capacity for women entrepreneurs and their tech ventures.

Wireless Systems Technician

In tackling talent shortages, telecommunication skills training with an autonomous focus benefits both remote communities and industry.
Lead: Teck Resources Ltd.

Earth Data Store

This platform for assessing the impact of increasingly frequent “extreme weather” is designed to mitigate impacts on Canada’s resource sectors and the wellbeing of its citizens.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

Forest Machine Connectivity

Using industrial Internet of Things technology to collect and analyze data, this project will improve efficiency in the timber harvesting supply chain and bolster conservation efforts.
Lead: Mosaic Forest Management

Fresh Water Data Commons

This platform will integrate data from various sources, including sensors in the environment, to provide a real-time view of ecosystem health and better inform water use, conservation, and management.
Lead: Carl Data Solutions

Precision Agriculture to Improve Crop Health

Climate change is a threat to food security, with increasing challenges from pests and pathogens that destroy crops. This project will use computational power to prevent pests and protect food crops.
Lead: Terramera

Protecting our Oceans

This project Protects our wild fisheries through digital surveillance of our precious oceans.
Lead: MDA Systems Inc.

Satellite-based Environmental Analytics

This project monitors the effects of climate change through the application of high-resolution satellite imagery and sophisticated data analytics.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Processes

Using quantum computing to predict faults in advanced manufacturing processes, this project will reduce the failure rate of aircraft components and allow operators to address problems before components are manufactured.
Lead: D-Wave Systems

Learning Factory Digital Twin

By digitizing segments of aerospace production lines, this project is creating new digitally-driven industrial tools that will improve efficiency, profitability and safety.
Lead: Avcorp

Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Inspection

The Augmented Reality (AR) for Maintenance and Inspection project will create a new visual inspection system that will optimize the inspection process for commercial airlines by utilizing AR technologies.
Lead: Boeing

Wellbeing.ai ​

The challenge with wellness coaching is in collecting the data needed to build out the full human model. This project aims to develop a ‘digital brain’ to understand human interactions to deliver an immersive and personalized wellness coaching experience.
Lead: Lululemon

Autism Sharing Initiative

This project aims to build the first federated and fully-protected global network for sharing genomics and biomedical data to accelerate research to develop precision healthcare approaches for individuals with autism
Lead: DNAstack

Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network

This AI-powered medical imaging network is working to ensure that Canadians with skincare concerns, such as skin cancer, are able to see a doctor before their conditions become untreatable.
Lead: Change Healthcare

Healthcare to Homecare

This project will enable and empower seniors to live longer and healthier lives from within their own homes. The project’s solution, the Frailty Care System (FCS), helps identify key causal factors of frailty enabling the provision of essential clinical care, remote patient monitoring and self-care programs leading to improved health.
Lead: XCO Tech

Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

This project will develop a bedside tool for doctors that combines ultrasound imaging and machine learning to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses to patients whether they reside in urban, rural or remote areas.
Lead: Providence Health

Personal Health Wallet

Using blockchain technology to unlock the ability to securely share personal health information with healthcare professionals.
Lead: Molecular You

Reducing Opioid Use for Pain Management

This project is building a post-surgery monitoring system that will collect patient data and provide doctors with the information they need to better manage the prescription and use of opioids.
Lead: Careteam

Secure Health and Genomics Platform

This project will accelerate the ability of Canadian innovators, researchers and health providers to create innovative, more accessible precision-health treatments for all Canadians.
Lead: Deloitte LLP

Tailored Health – Pharmacogenetics

This integrated approach to prescribing medication aims to get the right drug to the right person at the right time through simple cheek swabs.


This project aims to empower Canadians through the creation of a scalable and trustworthy health-access platform that enables each person to utilize a strong digital identity to easily view, share and manage their own health data in a private, secure and informed manner.
Lead: Careteam

Workplace Brain Health

This project aims to develop a brain health data repository to help employers and employees better understand how sleep and meditation impact cognitive function.
Lead: Interaxon

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