Data Commons

New business insights through new platforms to collect, store and analyze data.

Earth Data Store

This project collects, standardized, and secures data from multiple sources such as earth observation satellite imagery and environmental sensors, for predictive purposes. Through interactive visual maps and running deep learning algorithms, this project will improve the capability to observe and protect remote areas and predict environmental disasters.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

Forest Machine Connectivity

Timber harvesting is expensive and wasteful. This project is developing an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network of ‘smart’ devices that monitor, collect, exchange, analyze and deliver valuable insights to contractors, machine operators, and managers in the timber harvesting supply chain to conserve valuable resources.
Lead: Mosaic Forest Management

Fresh Water Data Commons

Water is a precious resource under significant pressure globally due to climate change and human and industrial activities. This platform will integrate data from various sources, including sensors in the environment, to provide a real-time view of ecosystem health and better inform water use, conservation, and management.
Lead: Carl Data Solutions

Precision Agriculture to Improve Crop Health

In the face of climate change, increasing threats from pests and pathogens are impacting our environment and food security. This project is developing new pest, and pathogen controls through the application of computational biochemistry, genomics, machine learning, computer vision and robotics, to manage disease in field crops, minimize the use of pesticides, and secure export markets.
Lead: Terramera

Protecting our Oceans

Food security, regional economies and the health of our marine ecosystems are often at risk due to illegal fishing. This project will use machine learning, artificial intelligence and data visualization to identify, track and apprehend illegal fishing vessels to protect our global fisheries and marine ecosystems. 
Lead: MDA Systems Inc.

Satellite-based Environmental Analytics

Climate change is threatening the environment, resource industries, animal and human health. This project uses machine learning and augmented reality to automate and provide faster, more accurate geographic information through satellite imagery to better understand the health of the environment, accurately map wildlife areas, evaluate changes in land surfaces, and manage at-risk regions.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

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