Data Commons

New business insights through new platforms to collect, store and analyze data.

Earth Data Store

This platform for assessing the impact of increasingly frequent “extreme weather” is designed to mitigate impacts on Canada’s resource sectors and the wellbeing of its citizens.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

Forest Machine Connectivity

Using industrial Internet of Things technology to collect and analyze data, this project will improve efficiency in the timber harvesting supply chain and bolster conservation efforts.
Lead: Mosaic Forest Management

Fresh Water Data Commons

This platform will integrate data from various sources, including sensors in the environment, to provide a real-time view of ecosystem health and better inform water use, conservation, and management.
Lead: Carl Data Solutions

Precision Agriculture to Improve Crop Health

Climate change is a threat to food security, with increasing challenges from pests and pathogens that destroy crops. This project will use computational power to prevent pests and protect food crops.
Lead: Terramera

Protecting our Oceans

This project Protects our wild fisheries through digital surveillance of our precious oceans.
Lead: MDA Systems

Satellite-based Environmental Analytics

This project monitors the effects of climate change through the application of high-resolution satellite imagery and sophisticated data analytics.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

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