Precision Health

Improving the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of disease through innovative digital technologies for better health and wellness for citizens.

Autism Sharing Initiative

This project aims to build the first federated and fully-protected global network for sharing genomics and biomedical data to accelerate research to develop precision healthcare approaches for individuals with autism.
Lead: DNAstack

Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network

This AI-powered medical imaging network is working to ensure that Canadians with skincare concerns, such as skin cancer, are able to see a doctor before their conditions become untreatable.
Lead: Change Healthcare

Healthcare to Homecare

This project will enable and empower seniors to live longer and healthier lives from within their own homes. The project’s solution, the Frailty Care System (FCS), helps identify key causal factors of frailty enabling the provision of essential clinical care, remote patient monitoring and self-care programs leading to improved health.
Lead: XCO Tech

Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

This project will develop a bedside tool for doctors that combines ultrasound imaging and machine learning to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses to patients whether they reside in urban, rural or remote areas.
Lead: Providence Health

Personal Health Wallet

Using blockchain technology to unlock the ability to securely share personal health information with healthcare professionals.
Lead: Molecular You

Reducing Opioid Use for Pain Management

This project is building a post-surgery monitoring system that will collect patient data and provide doctors with the information they need to better manage the prescription and use of opioids.

Secure Health and Genomics Platform

This project will accelerate the ability of Canadian innovators, researchers and health providers to create innovative, more accessible precision-health treatments for all Canadians.

Tailored Health – Pharmacogenetics

This integrated approach to prescribing medication aims to get the right drug to the right person at the right time through simple cheek swabs.


This project aims to empower Canadians through the creation of a scalable and trustworthy health-access platform that enables each person to utilize a strong digital identity to easily view, share and manage their own health data in a private, secure and informed manner.

Workplace Brain Health

This project aims to develop a brain health data repository to help employers and employees better understand how sleep and meditation impact cognitive function.
Lead: Interaxon

Some of the companies involved in our Precision Health projects

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