Sanctuary AI, a global leader in robotics and AI, joins the Supercluster’s COVID-19 Program

Sanctuary AI, a global leader in robotics/AI and a mission-based organization that is working to create general purpose robots that can perform most economically valuable work, has joined the Supercluster’s COVID-19 Program with its Digital Telework Infrastructure for Remote Physical Work project.

Working remotely has been a key tool in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but currently there is no technology that allows remote workers to participate in the economy to perform physical work. Performing physical work remotely would not only be an economic catalyst during a pandemic, but a critical safety measure for labor-intensive environments like hospitals and long-term care homes.

The Digital Telework Infrastructure Project is working to test remotely operated robots in long-term care and clinical settings. The initiative expands the current capabilities of telework technology – currently limited to video and audio interactions – to make physical interactions​ possible by connecting remote workers to safe and secure general purpose robots.

Speaking with James Wells, the VP Corporate Development at Sanctuary.AI, says the project will lay the foundation of a new digital job infrastructure that can sustain productivity in times of health crises without subjecting workers to increased viral transmission risks for healthcare, eldercare and numerous other labor-intensive Canadian industries.

“COVID-19 has presented the world with an economic and labor challenge unprecedented in modern times. It has caused a step function drop in the supply of human labor that is broad based across the entire global economy, said James. “Partnering with the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster to build a highly innovative digital approach to job creation is a critical step in supporting Canada’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 Crises.

The Digital Telework for Remote Physical Work project is one of eight projects announced on June 4, 2020.