Event Recap: Digital Solutions to Support the Food Supply Chain

[June 30, 2021] COVID-19 caused numerous disruptions to the food supply chain. Overnight the world went online, and grocery retailers and producers needed to rapidly scale their online systems to remain competitive in the digital economy and cope with the growing demand for food delivery. In response to this, two project consortiums led by FoodX Technologies and Wisebox Solutions, developed digital supply chain solutions that have allowed local businesses and producers to adapt to challenging environments. In doing so they’ve also invested in new capabilities to ensure food remains fresh and to enhance sustainability by reducing food waste.

The Scaling Safe Food Delivery project is an end-to-end eGrocery Management Solution (eGMS) that supports and enables retailers to rapidly scale online fulfillment. Led by FoodX Technologies, this consortium brings together expertise from AltaML, ETG Consulting, Microsoft, Opsguru and Routific. Their eGMS addresses many of the challenges retailers face with online delivery while also ensuring food system sustainability, including managing freshness, delivering high quality groceries, and minimizing food waste. Most recently they expanded their solution globally, partnering with Carrefour Belgium, the second largest grocer in the world, in an effort to continue supporting small and larger retailers around the world.

The DirectFood.store project has built a robust local supply chain solution that brings farm to table through a digital marketplace. By delivering food from farmers and vendors directly to consumers, it guarantees the freshest food, lowest food miles and highest profit for the farmers. Led by Wisebox Solutions, along with iOpen Technologies, Novex Delivery Solutions and D-Wave Systems, DirectFood.store is empowering local producers and optimizing distribution through their many-to many delivery model. Since launching in August 2020 the platform has attracted 60+ local farms, and also expanded across North America to South Carolina and Alberta through partnerships with the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Albert Farmer’s Market, the largest farmers market in Western Canada.

Learn more about the projects and watch the recording below: