Growing Canadian Prosperity Through the Digital Learning Lab

Initiatives that skill, re-skill and support life-long learning contribute significantly to the prosperity of every Canadian. The Digital Supercluster’s Digital Learning Lab prepares Canadians for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Working alongside industry leaders, not-for-profit organizations and talent developers including Microsoft, Teck, Mosaic Forest Management, BC Tech Association, AInBC, Lighthouse Labs and NPower Canada, the Digital Learning Lab platform creates efficient, affordable pathways to digital jobs, leadership in innovation and community-based training and development. These programs promote equity, diversity and inclusion in both rural and urban communities across Canada.

Building a Strong Foundation for Inclusive Opportunities: Our Three Pillars

Pillar 1: Pathways to Digital Jobs

How people work—and what they do when they work—is changing. Roughly 10 million Canadians will find themselves in completely different jobs by 2030. Many people need to learn new skills to compete, but struggle to access the necessary training. At the same time, companies are scrambling to find the skilled workers they need to grow.

The Pathways to Digital Jobs programs bridges this gap by creating accessible opportunities for workers to develop the skills they need, quickly and affordably -including assessment and training resources, microcredentials and other innovative learning and development approaches. Together with our partners, this pan-Canadian approach to workforce development ensures Canada’s workers are at the forefront of change and meeting the needs of Canada’s fast-growing companies. Programs within this Pillar include the Canadian Tech Talent Accelerator, as well as the newly announced Digital Lift and Upskilling Imperative.

Pillar 2: Leading Digital Change

Canada’s new wave of digital leaders are changing the way innovation has been done in Canada. They are not afraid to voice bold, ambitious ideas that pack big impact, and recognize the importance of diverse mindsets and creativity in driving growth and developing globally competitive solutions.

The Leading Digital Change programs develop innovation leaders with the skills and mindset needed to digitally advance today’s organizations, lead sustainable change and develop world-leading innovations. The programs take a people-focused approach to digital transformation and create practices for embedded innovation and team-based recruiting. Programs within this Pillar include Athena Digital Leaders, Asia Competence for Tech Professionals and the Intrapreneurial Development Enrichment and Action (IDEA) Lab.

Pillar 3: Growing Connected Communities

In BC, fewer than 35% of rural and remote communities have adequate broadband internet access, making it challenging for many to access training and find work close to home. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates these challenges.

The Growing Connected Communities programs focus on community-led initiatives that create jobs and drive productive workforces aligned to place-based models of sustainable economic development. The programs support equitable access to the benefits and opportunities of digital technology through infrastructure and connectivity development, digital skilling and creative leadership. Programs under this Pillar include the Coastal First Nations Connectivity Network, the Virtual Clean-Energy Training Platform for First Nations Communities and Wireless Systems Technician.

The Digital Learning Lab works to level the playing field for every Canadian so that together we can build a strong, prosperous nation. It leverages the benefits of diversity and collaboration, ensuring that underrepresented and equity-deserving groups have equitable access to opportunities in technology-based organizations. To date, the Digital Supercluster co-invests over $40 million in the Digital Learning Lab programs to meet the needs of Canada’s fastest growing companies and offer rapid, transferable digital skilling and employment opportunities for more than 6500 Canadians. Thank you to all who expressed interest in our May 2022 Call for Partners to continue investment in Canada’s workforce of today and tomorrow.