Creating global advantage for Canadian companies

Does your company have an AI-powered platform opportunity with the potential to become a global category leader? Can you assemble a team of strategic partners committed to building the ecosystem needed to support product leadership on the world stage? Can we translate that into rapidly growing, new product revenues?

Our Horizon AI – Global Advantage stream includes consortium development projects that start with co-investments of $250K to help pull the consortium together, focus opportunities and develop a competitive strategy for customer acquisition and global success. If successful, another $1M will seed the first wave of consortium projects. Then, we’ll work with you to see how we can use that portfolio to continue the investment momentum, with an ultimate goal of reaching $100M+ in support of a flagship, product leadership opportunity in AI.

Start with an Expression of Interest. You can find the submission link here: Global Advantage – Call for Projects. Once we receive your EOI, you’ll hear back from us in 1 to 2 weeks. You want to build a world-leading AI-powered platform. We can help. Let’s get started!

All our current open calls for proposals include:

Technology Leadership (Cycle 6): A $65M investment from the federal Global Innovation Clusters program will be competitively distributed across 10-15 new projects. This will result in more than $200M of new investment in the development of novel and innovative digital technology solutions in health and natural resources.
Horizon AI – Technology Commercialization Stream: A $20M investment from the Commercialization Pillar of the federal Pan-Canadian AI Strategy (PCAIS) will be competitively distributed across 10-15 projects. This will result in more than $60M of new investment to drive the commercialization and adoption of made-in-Canada AI solutions.
Horizon AI – Global Advantage StreamA $5M investment from the Commercialization Pillar of the federal Pan-Canadian AI Strategy (PCAIS) will be competitively distributed to create a portfolio of projects that help build Canada’s presence in emerging market opportunities.
Quantum Technologies: DIGITAL and NGen Canada are leveraging funding from Canada’s National Quantum Strategy to result in more than $30M of new investment in key categories of quantum technologies.

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